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  • Blog Post: How to insert Superscript, Subscript, and Strikethrough in your wiki pages - #048

    a few more macros to the collection… Superscript: ^^I am superscript^^ Subscript: ,,I am subscript,, Strikethrough ~~I am strikethrough~~ And a freebee for reading this far! Horizontal rule (4 dashes on single line) Technorati Tags: CodePlex Tips
  • Blog Post: How to Browse / Download Latest in Source Control - #047

    You can now link directly to the latest version in source control for downloading or browsing. For example, to browse whatever the latest version checked into source control for my Stick Figure Karate Fighter, you’ll use this URL: Technorati...
  • Blog Post: How to Insert Code Snippets in Discussions - #046

    During our last deployment, we added the ability to insert code snippets into the discussion boards. This will display a window for you to post in your code and to preview with syntax highlighting. Technorati Tags: CodePlex Tips
  • Blog Post: How to display ads on your project from The Lounge - #045

    In a recent deployment, project owners can now use advertisements from The Lounge using a single click. Project owner can see advertisements appear on the Home tab, the Downloads tab, the Discussions tab, and the Issue Tracker. The CodePlex documentation has more information about displaying ads from...
  • Blog Post: How to subscribe to the list of CodePlex projects using a specific tag - #044

    And just yesterday i was thinking, “is the best use of my blog posting tips about CodePlex?” And then I saw Devon’s blog post today . Guess that answers my question. Let’s just say I took June off and now I’m back. Currently, we don’t have any UI that exposes these RSS feeds. We’ve thought about creating...
  • Blog Post: How to find a specific user’s profile page - #042

    Currently, there isn’t a way on the site to search for users via their usernames. However, if you know someone’s username, you can access their profile directly by typing in <username> Or, if you’re like me and can’t remember that link, here’s an alternative...
  • Blog Post: You can use wiki markup in the release notes section - #041

    When you edit your release notes, you can use the wiki markup from the homepage, in case you want bulleted lists, bolded text, hyperlinks, etc. Technorati Tags: CodePlex Tips
  • Blog Post: How to connect to a CodePlex TFS server using Visual Studio 2010 beta 1 - #040

    Thanks to Martin Hinshelwood , a Team System MVP, for sharing the following workaround with all of us! This blog post has moved to
  • Blog Post: How (and why) to set a default release - #039

    Whenever you create or edit a public release (show to public = yes), there’s the Default Release option. This blog post has moved to
  • Blog Post: You can assign work items to a planned release - #038

    Yesterday’s tip discussed how to create a planned release. This blog post has moved to
  • Blog Post: How to create a planned release - #037

    When I first got started in the OSS world, I learned that This blog post has moved to
  • Blog Post: How to create a hidden release - #036

    You can create a hidden release in case you need to archive older releases. Only project members can view hidden releases. This blog post has moved to
  • Blog Post: How to customize your CodePlex Work Item template, in a way - #035

    Okay, you can’t really customize the work item template. But, This blog post has moved to
  • Blog Post: You can sort by most downloaded project - #034

    Previously, I mentioned that you can sort by top rated release on CodePlex. But it is also interesting to know you can sort by most downloaded project in the past 7 days. We do past 7 days so that active projects are listed first.   Technorati Tags: CodePlex Tips
  • Blog Post: How to receive email notifications for work items – #033

    Prior to the April 9, 2009 deployment, the only way for users to find out about updates to work items was through RSS. I’m one of those people who will give up email when you pry it from my hands. This blog post has moved to
  • Blog Post: TechEd 2009 – Embrace Open Source on CodePlex (DPR301)

    I’m at TechEd 2009 presenting on CodePlex – from how to consume and contribute to open source software using the CodePlex feature set, to how we use agile development to deploy every 3 weeks. All sessions will be available 24 hours after the talk. Stay tuned on Thursday for the link. Your Challenge I...
  • Blog Post: How to hyperlink an image on a wiki page - #032

    With Thursday’s deployment (5/7/2009), you can now hyperlink an image on your homepage. The fun of voting campaigns on Twitter. The syntax is [image:Alternative Text|file.jpg|] or [image:Alternative Text||] Technorati Tags: CodePlex...
  • Blog Post: You can “fix” a CodePlex work item via a SVN Client - #031

    Yesterday, I got an email that started off with “i’ve heard a rumor that…” Nothing bothers a PM more than hearing a supported feature referred to as a rumor. If you’re using a SVN client, like Tortoise, you can mark a work item as fixed when you commit your changes. You can do this by using one of the...
  • Blog Post: There is a direct link to download a file on a release page - #030

    With the April 9 deployment, we introduced the ability to directly link to a file to download off of the Release page. Now you can blog about your latest release and have people download it directly. Here’s a direct download for the project 1.1 release
  • Blog Post: Why some projects have a Download Now button on their homepage - #029

    You may have noticed that some projects have a Download Now button on their homepage Whereas other projects don’t. I would love for all projects to have just a Download Now button, but unfortunately, we currently don’t have a default file concept in the default release. For projects like my demo project...
  • Blog Post: You can sort the project directory by top-rated releases - #028

    In the CodePlex project directory, you can sort by Ratings to find the highest rated releases. In the image below, you can see that the Clone Detective for Visual Studio project. You can also apply a little more context by filtering the results using the tags on the right-hand side. For example, the...
  • Blog Post: How to store your TFS password – #027

    Thanks to Wictor Wilen for twittering / blogging about this tip ! If you’re tired of having to type in your user credentials each and every time you open your project, you can have Windows save the username and password for you. From the CodePlex documentation : Saving Password in Team Explorer At this...
  • Blog Post: Tips for CodePlex Projects hosting multiple applications - #026

    As mention previously, I’m going to use Fridays to write more a detailed tip or article about CodePlex. For those who just want to follow this weekly tip, you can subscribe to just the CodePlex Weekly Tips RSS feed (see bottom of post). Otherwise, you can continue to follow in your preferred RSS feed...
  • Blog Post: How to visit the Full Tag Cloud for CodePlex - #25

    You can visit the full tag cloud at to get a bird’s eye view on how people have been tagging projects. By default, we show the top 200 most commonly-used tags. I’m open to any suggestions or feedback how we can improve the Full Tag Cloud experience.
  • Blog Post: How to tag a project - #024

    All CodePlex projects have a section on the bottom right-side of their homepage under the Activity section where you can apply tags. We’ll also provide some suggestions as you begin to tag your project. Those tags will be used in our project directory and in our tag cloud as a way of categorizing the...
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