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  • Blog Post: What to do when the IDE Navigator gets stuck – the workaround

    If you ever noticed the IDE Navigator get stuck , we now have a workaround. Thanks to Eric Carr for emailing me last week about my long forgotten blog post that never contained the answer and most importantly for sharing the workaround . The only thing better than having your users hold you accountable...
  • Blog Post: The Rematch – Webcast of my 101 VS tips in 55 mins via O’Reilly is now available

    Earlier this week, I decided to rematch the clock to demo 101 VS Tips in 55 minutes with O’Reilly Media hosting and recording the webcast. In an earlier attempt, I missed by 15 seconds. And like the earlier attempt, if I make it, all attendees receive a free copy of my Visual Studio Tips ebook. ...
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