Wow!  Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and for the great feedback about MSDN RSS feeds. I'll post a consolidated list next week. Several of the suggestions are already in the works, and several are harder than they should be with our current infrastructure, but we'll get there.

Didja know that maps to We acquired the URL and did the mapping a few months ago, but haven't really publicized it much yet. We'll probably make an announcement on the MSDN home page soon. Everytime someone sees me type it, they say "wow - i didn't know you could do that!". So now you know.

The MSDN team has been working really hard lately, so yesterday we took a much-needed break and spent the day doing a mystery & scavenger hunt in Seattle. We had a great time, and it was fun to see everyone at play. Tommy was our unofficial photographer, so maybe he'll post some pix. And of course, Erica Wiechers had her video camera, so we might end up with an MSDN TV Outtakes show. :-)

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