Once again, a busy week, especially since it was short.  Robb and I played hookey (sp?) and came back on tuesday morning instead of monday night, which made the week especially short.  The skiing was great, especially for May, and it was fun to be out of dodge.

A few interesting things happened this week:

1.  We launched the new Security dev center on msdn.  Wahoo and congrats to all the folks involved.  Over time, we hope to make it the place to go to stay in the know about building great secure apps.  And we all know that no one wants an insecure app. :-)

2.  I had dinner w/ Tim (who has not blogged in forever!) Don, and Barb.  Barb filled my mind w/ a list of new fiction books that I need to read, while Tim and Don and I had a great discussion about whether a big company can still be quick and nimble.

3.  I got some great comments about my CS grads post.  More on this coming soon. 

Next week, I'm off to Tech-Ed.  Hope to see lots of you there!