No, not like that.  :-)  I just meant that I've been remiss about blogging.  So, now I'm back.  There's lots going on; here are a few quick highlights:

  • We're working on launching a new search engine.  No, it's not Goggle.  But, it is one that we're pretty excited about because it significantly improve relevancy, and it gives a foundation to build on moving forward.  Our previous engine was really moldy, and didn't really enable some of the things that we'd like to do moving forward.   So, go check it out, and of course, tell me what you think.
  • This week is Microsoft's big internal field annual training and meeting.  I'm heading out today to go talk to folks who run the international MSDN sites, and who help sell MSDN subscriptions to our corporate customers.
  • I had dinner with Tim Ewald last night.  Tim works on MSDN, largely as our chief pot-stirrer (I mean that in the best way), and has the guiding vision around MSDN's new infrastructure (which I'll talk lots more about when we get closer to shipping!).  Tim spent a bunch of time w/ Alan Cooper after the XML Dev Con - it was great to see him so fired up about software development, and about how well the event went. 

And to end w/ a happy ending.  After a great day of sailing on Saturday, my lovely sunglasses fell into the water.  Fortunately, we were at the dock, and the water's murky, but only about 10 feet deep.  On Sunday morning, my friend Melina braved the chilly water, dove in, and retrieved them.  Yeah!  Thanks Melina!