After being on vacation for a month, I figured that it was high time to blog again. And what better place to start than here at the PDC? I had a surprisingly easy time getting here. My flight was only about 20 minutes late; no cancelled flights, rerouting, or driving in from another state for me. I’ll presume that my good fortune cost me a large withdrawal from the travel karma bank, and I’ll be seated next to someone smelly and talkative on my flight home. Hillel’s WinFS demo was really thought provoking. Wouldn’t it be fun to have your own dev center – sorting, filtering, viewing content from MS and elsewhere, exactly how *you* want to see it? One of the things that we struggle with is trying to pick the sweet spot – the UI and view that’ll work for everyone. While it’ll still be important to pick a good default, the ability to customize with such flexibility will be a powerful thing. I want Longhorn NOW! When I worked on DHTML, I loved how quick and easy it was to get something up and running so quickly and easily. It was great if you liked notepad and writeln to debug, and wanted to run all your apps in a browser, but it kinda ended there. Watching Don (and Jim!) build a real app from XAML was so cool! Angle brackets are the wave of the future.  The Merck demo really hit home for me the idea that technology really does have the power to make people’s lives dramatically better. Sure, I can cruise the web and buy books without leaving my couch, but to think that a patient can share information w/ her doctor without having to go to the hospital is a great thing. We have a lot of work to do! Oh yeah – my vacation! All those people in the rest of the world who regularly take month-long vacations have something up on us Americans. A month of ice-cream for lunch, happy hour every afternoon, and at least 8 hours of sleep each night was pure luxury. I highly recommend it. Miscellaneous bits of trivia: Names Jim probably hasn’t been called before… VI Boy, girlfriend First MSDN mention: 9:50am First Matrix reference: 10:40a