Eric and I had a conversation about blogging, and I sheepishly had to admit that I've been woefully silent.  So here goes again. 

Highlights from my week:

  • An update to MSDN's ASP.NET dev center UI.  Kent (whose blog name I LOVE) and Christine (and everyone else) did a nice job.  Do let us know what you think about our “task bar”.
  • A new XML Dev Center.  Dare Obasanjo waxes about the power of angle brackets.
  • An RSS feed for MSDN Subscriber Downloads.  Be the first on your block to get the word about new product downloads.
  • A great ski trip to Whistler.  The sun/snow combination is tough to beat.  You can actually ski at Whistler/Blackcomb through August (yes, august), so the season has really just begun.

Cheers -