What a fun trip!  I just got back to Seattle from Tech-Ed.  My highlights:

Women in Technology Luncheon:  I spoke on the panel and had a great time.  It was exciting to see so many more women at Tech-Ed this year.  I don't have official numbers, but several folks I spoke with agreed that it seemed like there were more of us around.  One of the most important points that came up was the importance of networking and getting your name out there, especially if you want to be known as a technologist.  Being active in newsgroups, forums, and of course, publishing, are all great ways to do that.  I'll expand the offier I made during the session - both MSDN and TechNet magazine, as well as our website, are looking for contributors.  Drop me a line (NOT a comment on my blog) and I'll get you connected with the folks who acquire... Get out there and share your smarts!

TechNet Magazine - the same great team who bring you the MSDN Magazine are launching a new magazine for IT Pros - TechNet Magazine.  Watch for the first issue (on security) this fall.  A big round of applause to Josh, Stephen, and the rest of the magazine team for doing this, along with their day jobs!  Click here to get your own free copy. 

Rory.  Talking to Rory is always a highlight.  It just is.

Don & Doug.  There is only one program, and everyone has a different idea of what a car is.  In his spare time, Don should teach a university course on the philosophy of technology. 

Scott:  I finally got to meet Scott Watermasysk in person, after conversing for months in mail.  He's as nice (possibly even nicer) in person than he is in email!

And of course, hanging out w/ my new boss (more on that later), and the gang was great,  and meeting customers continues to be the best part of any show, and this was no exception.