Wow!  There's a lot going on these days... 3 things of note today:

1.  RSS brouhaha... Robert and I just had a nice chat about what we're doing with RSS on  In a nutshell, our RSS traffic is neglible compared to all the traffic generated by Windows Update, MSN, downloads, and the rest of  We were motivated to reduce the size of the home page primarily for operational efficiency's sake - why serve up 400k of content when we know that folks (except for Robert) don't read 400K of content on a web page.  The truncation idea is borrowed straight from newspapers - read the first bit on the front page, turn to page 12 for the full story.  We hear you that you don't want the aggregate feed to be truncated, so it's not.  And we increased the limit from 500 to 1250 characters on  We're also working on some smaller OPMLs, so that you can easily subscribe to a subset of our blogs - say, all the security blogs, or all the web services blogs.  When we had 20 or so bloggers on MSDN, it made sense to have 1 opml.  We've got 959 now, so a single OPML isn't as easy to deal with any more.  Yes, RSS has room for improvement, but it's not bad today - you just have to understand what you're doing.  At the same time, there's tons of headroom for improvements to the spec, improvements to the client software, and improvements in server implementations.  Lots of room for innovation.

2.  Check it out - we've unveiled a major new system on MSDNJunfeng blogged about it first (we were holding off until we had some initial perf numbers in), but it's looking really good.  My favorite features are URL aliases, the fact that it's all XML based, and most importantly, the fact that your links won't break any more when we reprop product documentation.  Kudos to Tim, Kim, Craig (good description in his blog), and everyone else who worked so hard to make it happen.

3.  I'm getting married and taking an extended vacation!  So, from tomorrow until January 4th, I'll be getting married, honeymooning, hanging out w/ my family, learning to be a better sailor, and generally just relaxing and hanging out. 

See you in January!