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The talk is now available online here [Click here for zipped download]


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Continuing with our highly popular "Live from Redmond" series I shall be presenting the following ClickOnce talk on Nov 7th ...

Live From Redmond: Configuring ClickOnce to best work for your deployment scenario   

7th Nov 2006 [Click here to register

The “ClickOnce” feature in .Net 2.0 brings the ease of web deployment and update to Smart Client Applications in an enterprise. 

Are you an enterprise developing Line Of Business applications inhouse and want to know how best to deploy them internally using ClickOnce?

Are you a vendor and want to know how best to package your applications using ClickOnce so that they can be deployed by multiple enterprises?

Is the cross browser support important to your application and you want to know what ClickOnce offers in this space?

This webcast will discuss recommendations from the ClickOnce team on how ot best leverage ClickOnce for common deployment scenarios like above.

It will discuss the options available with the current release of ClickOnce and how these scenarios are even better enabled in Orcas.