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    Saving searches in VS CTP release

    If you have played with Help in CTP, you would have noticed that there Help Favorites has a node called “Searches ”. However, it is not discoverable how to store a search. At least, Kevin was not able to find it .You can save a search by ...
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    Keyboard Shortcut Consistency

    One fine day, I get a call to help in investigating failures in few of the automated tests. After some investigation, we figured that failures were happening because somebody decided to assign “F2” as a keyboard shortcut to build. What is wrong with that...
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    RadioButton doesn't resize when you increase the Font size

    Sara forwarded me a customer question asking why radio button doesn’t resize when one changes the font on a Winform’s RadioButton control. Well, the simple answer is that is how underlying Windows control behaves and Winform’s control...
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    Issues around "Hide underline letters ..." checkbox

    Sara talks about effects of “Display Properties -> Appearance -> Effects -> Hide Underline letters ..” . The check box controls two behaviors: - first the underlining of the mnemonics (keyboard accelerators), and second “startup”...
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    Relief from CE Documentation

    I believe that the following is going to be my claim to fame. Every Visual C++ developer has a pet peeve about CE documentation convoluting their help experience. There is no hack free foolproof way to get rid of CE documentation, but the following...
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    Howdy Everybody...

    Hello World, I am developer on Visual Studio's Core IDE team. The following is a short introduction about me. Code Monkey Extraordinaire. Primary Function: - Help Integration in Visual Studio. (Come on, everybody uses Help, right!) Other Expertise...
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    The Disclaimer

    These postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. The content of this site are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in anyway. In addition, my thoughts and opinions often change, and as a weblog...
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