Ever need to share your Visual Studio solution or projects with someone?

You ZIP up a folder with your code and send it. If your project is under source control – one that is integrated with Visual Studio – you will likely hear from the recipient of your code. They will be complaining that the get weird warnings from Visual Studio when they load the solution and projects.

What we need is a simple way to strip out all the source control bindings before we distribute the code.

Fortunately I spend a few hours creating one. It is called VSUnbindSourceControl and it is now on codeplex: https://vsunbindscc.codeplex.com/

More details are at the CodePlex Project, but the short summary of usage is this.

  • Copy your solution to a new directory (because the tool does modify files)
  • Run this command: VSUnbindSourceControl.exe d:\myfolder

Once the tool is finished, all the source control bindings have been removed from an SLN files and from any *proj files.