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All three of the regular readers of this blog may have known that since late 2009 I’ve maintained a personal blog.

I love my MSDN blog. I started my MSDN blog as (1) a way of connecting to users of the software we built and (2) providing the occasional tip/trick and (3) share my thoughts about software development.

I started my personal blog on – I know a terrible name :-) - because I wanted to keep MSDN pure and avoid posting about topics that weren’t related to Microsoft products or Software Development.

But it’s just too taxing and complicated to maintain both. And so in the spirit of simplification, I’m only going to be using my personal blog from now on.

I’m really proud of what I did here: Out of several thousand blogs on MSDN this blog is regularly in the top 150 most popular MSDN blogs. And I know from your email and comments that I’ve made an impact. Thanks to everyone who read, commented, or shared links to my blog posts.


From Rudyard Kipling’s Kim

He pointed through the window — opening into space that was filled with moonlight reflected from the snow — and threw out an empty whisky-bottle.

“No need to listen for the fall. This is the world’s end,” he said, and swung off.