• Technically Speaking

    What’s New in LINQ to SQL SP1

    With the public announcement of the .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta , users of LINQ to SQL must be wondering what it has to offer. In addition to fixes for some of the issues identified by consumers of this technology since it was first released last year, the primary...
  • Technically Speaking

    TPT with LINQ to SQL

    LINQ to SQL has been gaining popularity since its release last year, and if blogs and forum discussions are any indicator, developers are really pleased with this technology and have been putting it to use in novel ways. At the same time, I’ve seen...
  • Technically Speaking

    SketchPad: A Simple Drawing Editor

    Aren’t you tired of samples and demos that deal with Customers, Orders, Products, and Categories? Admit it…you’d love to see something different, you’d welcome a fresh perspective, and I know you’ve been waiting patiently. My name is Samir Bajaj; I’m...
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