Some of you may not know, but at Microsoft we have an intern program, where we hire top-level graduates to work in both marketing and technical roles.

It's both a good and a bad thing - we get to hire the top-level grads and give them some Microsoft experience, but then we have to say goodbye to them after 12 months.

For you guys, we've now launched a simple program to allow our Partners to get visibility of these high-calibre potential employees that come pre-prepared with a whole heap of Microsoft specific experience and contacts :-)

You can see the official letter below - but if you're interested, email me at and I'll send you the form you need to fill out.


The Microsoft Intern Program is a 12 month program that trains high calibre undergraduates within Microsoft. Interns are hired on a full-time basis, gaining invaluable exposure to the corporate world on Microsoft functions, allowing the opportunity to work with genuine responsibility on a variety of projects. All interns go through a rigorous selection in their recruitment process, and are selected them on the basis of their skill, values and passion. They provide exceptional talent, commitment and are highly valued within Microsoft.

After these 12 months, there is no guarantee of permanent employment - although interns can apply for open roles. At one time, there are approximately twenty interns on-board (nationally) with roles ranging from marketing, finance, technical and operations.

We believe that our interns can be of great value to our partner community and would like to give you the possibility of employing a Microsoft intern, after their 12 month tenure with Microsoft expires. We would like to offer your company an informal arrangement where partners can provide their details to our HR contact at Microsoft; who will post those details on an internal Microsoft site. Interns will have the opportunity to make initial contact with the partner directly.

The below statement is from a current intern. This will assist you to gain some insight on the experience that an internship at Microsoft provides.

“I started my internship in April 2006 and since then I’ve been involved in all things Vista: from attending training sessions, giving demos to colleagues, partners and customers, proctoring at the hands-on-labs during TechEd, being the LOVE guru in the branch), and building proof of concepts for customer projects. Currently, I am working with a technical account manager to put together a business desktop deployment solution to convince one of our customer and partner to deploy Vista in their environment. Besides being heavily involved in Vista, I am also given the opportunity to work with consultants at client sites, and upgrade my skills through Microsoft certifications.”