Guest post from the Aussie SBSC PAL - Hilton Travis.

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HiltonWell, it is now official – WESS has been launched with both SBS 2008 and WEBS 2008 having their official launch day, complete with 9 hours of US-based webcasts and an online virtual tradeshow on the 12th November.  There was a Robbie and The Wayne show held for Australian audiences on Wednesday 12th November as well. MAPS shipments have been received by most Registered Members across Australian and the SBSC Kits that ship to all SBSCs are well on their way.  So, we’ve all had time to look at the RC code (thanks to a good effort by Robbie and the MS Australia “Breadth” team) and now have the final code in our sweaty hands.  And those of us who attended the Tech Ed WESS Pre-Day session should be in the process of receiving our retail copies of SBS 2008 Premium Edition.  Yes, Robbie promised us a Standard Edition and delivered a Premium Edition in its place – an unexpected bonus and worthy of a thanks email to Robbie, I’d say.

There’s been some movement over in Perth – the Perth SMB IT Pro Group has been formed and is getting off the ground with Jason Jordan from PCGuru and Matt Lansdown from Accord as the initial group leaders with the assistance of Erle Metcalfe and Adam Garnault.  To join the Perth mailing list and show support for this group, please go here.  In addition to the news about the Perth group, there’s a “Robbie and The Wayne” show that’s touring user groups around the country in November – have a read of The Wayne’s post for more information.

There are still a few places available in the SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 Hands On Labs that are in various Excom training centers around the country.  If you’re hoping to bring yourself more up to date with these new products, $399ex tax for 2 days of training on these new products shouldn’t go astray.  Have a read of Robbie’s blog for more information on these HOLs.

Now, to summarise a few of the threads that have been much discussed in both Australian and International lists of late, SBS 2008 CALs are available as single CALs, as well as in 5- and 20-pack SKUs.  If you remember, SBS 2003 CALs were only available in 5- and 20-pack SKUs, and this single CAL SKU is one of the things Microsoft has introduced to help offset the significantly increased price of SBS 2008.  I’ve blogged some more information about SBS 2008 CALs here.  Also, as was widely announced, the SBS 2003 Open Business and Open Value Licensing products were removed from sale once SBS 2008 OB/OV Licensing went live.  As some SBSCs may not be aware, SBS 2003 R2 OEM and OEM CALs (and Full Packaged Product) is still available for sale and Software Assurance is still available for these products – this SA was originally going to be stopped as at 31 October, 2008, but as per Eric Ligman’s blog, this has been extended until 31 December, 2008.  I blogged about these SBS 2003 SA SKUs here.

As a final point for this month, has anyone seen Microsoft SharedView?  Me neither – I just stumbled across this today!  It could be a useful tool, but it could also become a bit of a security risk.  I’m yet to have a look further into this tool, however as it may be of use to others, I’ll make mention of it here.  J