Maybe not a best-seller, but I thought this was interesting enough to share.

I had this horrible affliction. I was rummaging around in the Windows SBS Technical Library, and all of a sudden, the Table of Contents disappeared! What happened? What did I do? Did I break something? I search frantically on the Web site to see if there is some setting that I goofed up. Nope. Nothing there. I open my browser settings to determine the same. Ok, that's dumb, but I'm confounded. WHAT THE HECK!!

So, I put up with this condition for days on end, figuring that I would become the gumshoe once again and discover what went wrong once and for all. Yah right. Like, I have way to much time on my hands that I can dedicate to doing something other than playing around with that annoyance. Instead, I turn to Jim Holtzman, trusted co-writer on the SBS Team and plead for advice. In about 5 minutes he directs me to an article on the Exchange Team Blog.

And suddenly, life is a bit rosier. Thanks Jim! And thanks to Alison Hirsch for sharing this nugget of TechNet technomagic.

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