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Toolkit refresh teaser

Toolkit refresh teaser

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We've been busily working on the Toolkit refresh.  I'm not making any promises but I think we can get it out by the middle of next week.  Here's a short off-the-top-of-my-head list of what to expect:

Incorporated feedback.  We've addressed as much of the feedback from the community as we could.  We didn't get everything fixed but we did a lot.  In general, most of the components are more flexible and robust.

Safari support.  This has turned out to be a ton of work.  It's one thing to make HTML work across browsers, making framework pieces do it is quite another.  There's a set of things that Safari just doesn't plain support or that the Atlas guys are still trying to figure out how to map onto Safari's feature set..  So in those cases we weren't able to resolve everything.  But for the issues that we could work around or fix, we did; Safari has been much more challenging than FireFox, for example, and debugging is tough because you can't do it locally.  We're still not perfect but it's much better.

Functionality improvements.  We've added the ability to address page methods instead of just web services, greatly improved the network profile of CascadingDropDown, simplified several common operations in the extender base by making them Attribute-driven, added image support to CollapsiblePanel, and generally added some polish to the Toolkit components.

New extenders.  Right now we're looking at doing out with a DropShadow extender, a RoundedCorners extender, a modal popup/overlay extender, and an extender that lets you have one of those elements that stays visible when you scroll and tracks your position (the hardest part here has been what to name it!).  They're all super cool and we think you'll find great uses for them.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a sense of what we're up to.  Your feedback (direcly and via the forum) has been invaluable.  After we get this release out, we'll start focusing on getting the contribution model up and running - it should be fun!


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