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    WebDevCon 06 Moscow

    I had the pleasure of speaking at WebDevCon 06 in Moscow (yes, Russia) last week. The Microsoft folks from the Moscow office did a great job of setting up this conference and helping me get ready for it. The show had about 500 attendees, and was held...
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    Little improvements

    I've been running IE7 for a while now and there's two things that I never would have thought of as being a big deal that I've gotten really fond of. Well, actually three, but the third is tabbed-browsing which is kind of old news. First, I'm starting...
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    Testing the Toolkit

    When we first started working on the Toolkit, we evaluated several different testing methods. First, we looked at the testing features built intoVSTS specifically for ASP.NET but they mostly just watch page round trips, and therefore wouldn't work for...
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