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    Control Freak.

    • 48 Comments blogging lately...what has Shawn been up to?  Yes, guilty.  But here's what's been going on over the past few months.  Shortly after MIX07, ScottGu brought up an idea of building a larger team focused on building controls. ...
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    Unit testing with Silverlight

    One of the things I was most excited about when we shipped the Silverlight 2 Beta 1 controls was the included unit testing harness, written by Jeff Wilcox .  I think it's a good thing when we can share some of our internal tooling.  It's good...
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    Updated ExpandoHeaderControl sample for RC0

    Here is the updated control sample for RC0. Just a few changes from Beta 2 - RCO: generic.xaml needs to now be in a folder called "themes" (case sensitive) rather than in the root of your project. In VSM transition declarations "Duration"...
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