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  • Blog Post: Using AgFx with OAuth

    New Release First, if you wander on over to the AgFx CodePlex site, you'll see that there is a new release up. There's some new things in this new release such as some statistics about the performance of your application, the ability to specify exact cache expiration, and some bug fixes. The majority...
  • Blog Post: Tutorial: Building a connected phone app with AgFx

    Earlier this week I wrote a post detailing the application framework that I’ve been working on, which I’m calling AgFx. I wanted that post to be a bit of an introductory overview,. Now I’m going to dig into detail a bit more, as well as show a bit about how you can use the free Windows...
  • Blog Post: Build great Windows Phone applications the easy way!

    Introducing AgFx One of the things we’ve spent a fair amount of time on is working with various application writers, helping them build great Windows Phone 7 applications. Many of the top applications that you’ll find on Windows Phone 7 devices today spent some time in a debugger on my...
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