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  • Blog Post: The Toolkit in action: Hooking up the CasdcadingDropDown

    The "Atlas" Control Toolkit makes it super easy to add great usability features to your website. One of the things people regularly want to do is to create a "cascading" set of DropDownLists, where the value of each populates the values below. The "Atlas" Control Toolkit contains a great extender to...
  • Blog Post: "Atlas" Control Toolkit available for download

    Here . Okay, yeah, it took a little longer than I'd hoped but we made some improvements in the meantime. Check out all the details on the Atlas website , and we've created a forum for the toolkit as well. The controls in the toolkit are basically preview quality. They work at basic scenarios and we...
  • Blog Post: Atlas talks at MIX and my new project

    Shanku (Atlas/ASP.NET PUM) just finished giving his Atlas talk where he went through the major parts of Atlas and did a bunch of demos. He also demo'd some of the stuff that my team has been working on. I've been hinting about exactly what it is, and it's been now (cryptically) mentioned by Shanku...
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