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  • Blog Post: New Silverlight-Based STSADM Reference

    Looking for a specific STSADM command? If so, you can find it here for WSS and here for MOSS . </steve>
  • Blog Post: LogParser Processes ULS Logs

    If you've ever had to browse the ULS logs, then you know that it is not the friendliest walk in the park. A recent blog post walks you through the configuration if you're interested. </steve>
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Deployment Guide and Checklists

    These guides were handed out a the SharePoint Conference but if you didn't get one you can download a soft copy here . </steve>
  • Blog Post: Microsoft IFilter Pack Released

    A new set of IFilters has been released. One thing to note is that the pack includes IFilters for OneNote and ZIP. </steve> 2007 Office System Converter: Microsoft Filter Pack Contents : The filter pack includes the following IFilters: · Word, Excel, PowerPoint (.docx, .docm, .pptx, .pptm, .xlsx...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Remote BLOB API

    A number of folks have asked about this capability since it was first announced. Here is some additional information. A good discussion of the overall capability; make sure to read the operational limits section. External Storing of Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) in Windows SharePoint Services </steve>
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Monitoring Toolkit

    If you are interested in monitoring, check out the toolkit and the management packs for SharePoint. </steve>
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Debugging and Feature Implementation

    If the very in-depth and detailed error messages from SharePoint are leaving you wanting for more, make sure you enable debugging so you can get the full ASP.NET error. I continue to get questions on what changes to make so I’m including them here for future reference. I’m surprised that there are still...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Memory Management and Issues

    Excellent article. Required reading for all SharePointies. Dealing with Memory Pressure problems in MOSS/WSS </steve>
  • Blog Post: Managing Site Collections: new STSADM command

    Have you ever wanted to move a site collection from one content database to different content database? Or if you're not a merger you might be a splitter. Well, neatly tucked away inside the recent security hotfix is the new STSADM command mergecontentdbs . I used this recently with a customer that wanted...
  • Blog Post: MOSS Administration : STSADM

    If you've never used STSADM then go check this out: Powerful Command Line Administration for SharePoint </steve>
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