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  • Blog Post: Forms Services Usage

    I am currently working with several customers on using Forms Services and there a number of factors that pertain to designing and implementing the forms with optimum performance and usability. There are several good resources, one of which was just published, so if Forms Services is in your plans you...
  • Blog Post: Converting Forms to InfoPath Forms

    Check these folks out if you have this need: FormBridge from Texcel ... Jumpstart your migration to e-forms. Now you can convert forms from any source to electronic forms - up to 90% faster. Reduce the time you spend creating a form from hours to just minutes! FormBridge converts forms from PDF files...
  • Blog Post: Submitting Data from InfoPath 2007 to a SharePoint List

    This topic has come up several times recently as I discuss the concept and practical use of OBAs. Here is a link to a new white paper providing a good description of how to accomplish this. </steve>
  • Blog Post: MOSS and InfoPath 2007: Automating Business Processes

    I usually get asked for “real world” examples of how SharePoint technology is being utilized to solve real problems. Go check this out: Facilitating Effective Employee Reviews at Microsoft This is an example of an automated business process which gives managers and employees the tools and processes...
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