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  • Blog Post: Viacom Goes MOSS

    Go check out their MOSS internet site . MOSS also powers their intranet as well. </steve>
  • Blog Post: MOSS Internet Sites

    The list continues to grow...check it out and this one too. </steve>
  • Blog Post: MOSS Internet and Extranet Collaboration

    For those thinking or planning on this kind of a deployment, there is a new tool you should check out. I know the folks that put this together and they are top notch. </steve> Extranet Collaboration Manager for SharePoint 2007 Extranet collaboration (i.e. collaboration with individuals...
  • Blog Post: MOSS Public Internet Sites: check'em out

    These two sites ( 1 and 2 ) are pretty cool looking, and yes the are MOSS sites. </steve>
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2007 Internet Facing Sites : Part 5

    The list continues to grow rapidly. See my last blog for references and a very recent blog by Lawrence that summarizes quite a few new ones. Merry Christmas!! </steve>
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2007 Internet Facing Sites : Part 4 a SharePoint 2007 site?? If you've keeping up with the previous parts , then you'll know that the number of folks deploying SharePoint 2007 for hosting their internet sites is increasing. I've been highlighting a few of them in this blog. Well, have you checked out the new Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2007 Internet Facing Sites : Part 3

    Yep, more are popping up all the time. Part 2 and Part 1 also show other sites, which definitely were created using pre-RTM bits. Since MOSS has been released, I expect to see many more. Cmon, jump on the train. Culminis Satama SpeakTech If you can speak Chinese, check out this one...
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