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  • Blog Post: TIFF iFilter anyone?

    Captaris announced the general availability of the industry's only TIFF iFilter for MOSS. If you need this as part of your indexing capability, then go check this out. I have not tested it myself but it's on the list to test over the next few weeks. </steve>
  • Blog Post: Enterprise Search Training Videos

    These 14 videos were just published to TechNet. Module 1: Workshop Overview ( Module 2: Enterprise Search Overview ( Module 3: SharePoint Search 2007 Walkthrough (
  • Blog Post: Enterprise Search, Search Server 2008 and Server Express 2008

    At the SharePoint Conference during BillG's keynote, Search Server 2008 and Search Server Express 2008 were launched. These 2 products add new capability in the form of federated search that utilizes open search standards . The new Search Servers join a pretty awesome search family which includes MOSS...
  • Blog Post: Faceted Search for MOSS and MSS2008

    Version 2.0 of Faceted Search for MOSS and Microsoft Search Server 2008 has just been released on CodePlex. In its current form, Faceted Search is a set of web parts that provide an intuitive, user friendly way to refine search results using predefined categories, or facets. All other MOSS search functionality...
  • Blog Post: Concept-based Information Retrieval

    Interesting article worth reading if this kind of stuff lights your fire... </steve> Mining a Large-Scale Term-Concept Network from Wikipedia Social tagging and information retrieval are challenged by the fact that the same item or idea can be expressed by different terms or words. To counteract...
  • Blog Post: Enterprise Search Activity

    There is a lot of buzz since the announcement: Microsoft Announces Offer to Acquire Fast Search & Transfer Plenty of blog traffic on this one but I thought these two posts are worth your time: Microsoft Buys FAST; Last Year It Was BI, This Year It's Search aiimALERT: Microsoft Takes FAST Track to...
  • Blog Post: Check Out Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express

    Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express VHD This download comes as a pre-configured VHD. This download enables you evaluate Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express. </steve>
  • Blog Post: Enterprise Search

    Check out the new Enterprise Search Web site including some new announcements. </steve>
  • Blog Post: Improving MOSS Search Relevancy

    Recently I've been investigating the effects of changing the relevancy of MOSS search. If you are interested in this, you might want to check this out: Evaluating and Customizing Search Relevance in SharePoint Server 2007 After you through reading the article, you can download a cool tool to help...
  • Blog Post: Effects on Search After Upgrading from SPS2003 to MOSS

    If you are planning to upgrade your SharePoint deployment from SPS2003 to MOSS then you should take a lot at this article. It summarizes the difference between how the two different versions store their search configuration information and summarizes what search features are not upgraded. </steve>
  • Blog Post: Utilizing MOSS Search Programmatically via the OM or Web Services

    Three new good Visual How Tos: Creating Search Queries Programmatically by using the Search Web Service in SharePoint Server 2007 Exposing Enterprise Search in SharePoint Server 2007 by Using Internet Explorer 7 and the Office Research Pane Creating Search Queries Programmatically by...
  • Blog Post: MOSS Search and BI

    Extending Enterprise Search Capabilities to your Business Intelligence Applications …and corresponding downloadable code content . Summary: This technical white paper discusses the integration of SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS) with Office SharePoint...
  • Blog Post: Customizing MOSS Search

    Two good articles for those working with search: Customizing and Extending the Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Search Part 1 ... Managing the Index and Search Engine; Customizing the Search Center; Architecture of the Search Center Part 2 ... The Search Query Object Model; Custom Security...
  • Blog Post: Deploying MOSS Search

    A good article has been posted that discusses how to: Plan the end-user search experience Search administrators can improve the relevance and presentation of search results by carefully planning the end-user search experience. The goal of such planning is to create a search experience that...
  • Blog Post: MOSS and 64-bit iFilter Capability

    If you are planning to deploy MOSS on 64 bit hardware, you need to check out this blog. </steve>
  • Blog Post: MOSS Search Manager

    A new site I came across, some cool stuff worth checking out. Download the MOSS Search Manager tool. </steve>
  • Blog Post: MOSS and Wildcard Search

    Free wildcard search for MOSS by Ontolica . Go get it. ...Ontolica Search provides a great enhancement to the search on MOSS 2007. Among its key features is a more powerful, configurable and intuitive search interface which enables the use of wildcard (*), Drill Down, federated search and other search...
  • Blog Post: MOSS Search: Searching concepts

    Folks, you should check out Concept Search . Taxonomy, clustering and much more...This sounds pretty exciting. Here is an excerpt: Search, Clustering and Taxonomy features Concept searching and automatic document classification are now available as fully integrated services within the SharePoint portal...
  • Blog Post: MOSS Search Capacity and Performance Planning

    This information up on TechNet has recently been updated. </steve>
  • Blog Post: SharePoint, Best Bets and Security Trimming

    Last week, a customer came to me with a security trimming issue they were experiencing. Users were seeing search results that they didn’t have permission to see. Fortunately, they were denied access when they tried to access the information from the link in the search results. I had personally...
  • Blog Post: MOSS and Indexing PDF Documents

    Definitely worth a read... Indexing pdf documents with Adobe Reader v.8 and MOSS 2007 The version 8 of the adobe reader has some significant architectural changes (for the better of course) including an inbuilt IFilter to index PDF documents. Previously the adobe IFilter was available as a seperate...
  • Blog Post: MOSS Indexing and SSPs

    During recent search discussions and POCs, a number of questions have surfaced as well as some key points re: SSPs which I have tried to capture here. Q : How many index servers can be a part of a MOSS farm? A : The number of Shared Service Providers (SSPs) is the key. Conceptually, you can have...
  • Blog Post: MOSS and Documentum Integration

    Vorsite Announces the Release of their MOSS 2007 Search Connector for Documentum Seattle, WA - January 12, 2007 - Seattle, WA - January 12, 2007 - Vorsite Corporation, the recognized leader in connecting Microsoft SharePoint as a front-end to Enterprise Content Management systems and critical Line...
  • Blog Post: MOSS and FileNet Integration

    VORSITE ® Announces the Release of their MOSS 2007 Search Connector for FileNet Seattle, WA - April 2, 2007 - VORSITE Corporation, the recognized leader in connecting Microsoft SharePoint as a front-end to Enterprise Content Management systems and critical line-of-business applications, announced...
  • Blog Post: MOSS Search Deep Dive Content

    Some really good videos and content here . Put it on your list of things to do... </steve>
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