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IT managers can expect the following benefits:

Fast Deployment

— Microsoft System Management Server support.

— Distribute WDS like other Windows components through the
    package installer (formerly update.exe).

— Control software updates.

Easy Manageability

— Support for Windows Group Policy.

— Support for multi-user environment & non-administrator

— Fully globalized product with Multilingual User Interface
    (MUI) support.

— Wide range of support options available for the enterprise

Integration with Enterprise Search Solutions

— Add "intranet" location to Windows Deskbar and Desktop
    Search results interface.

— Launch searches to products such as SharePoint
    Portal Server or Windows SharePoint Services.

Extensibility to New File Types and Data Sources

— Easily add new file types by writing IFilters.

— Easily add new data sources by writing protocol handlers.

— Integrate desktop search results into other business
    applications by using the desktop search APIs.

Windows Desktop Search is free with your Microsoft Windows license.

Optional Microsoft Outlook integration

To provide a more integrated desktop search experience from within Outlook, IT managers can also deploy the enterprise-enabled MSN Search Toolbar which combines several great features that speed up your users search tasks and help them surf the Web. The MSN Search Toolbar includes a toolbar in Internet Explorer (IE) and a toolbar in Outlook. New to this release is the Integrated Search View feature currently in beta. Download the product, or get more information on how MSN Search Toolbar is enabled for the Enterprise.