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May, 2005

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    CLR Symbols for Beta 2 release imminent

    There was a problem with the original publication of the CLR Symbols for some binaries (mscoree, mscorwks, maybe others). This was causing the profiler to be unable to load symbols for these binaries. The end result was a lot of [mscoree.dll] function...
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    Profiling Tip: Amdahl's Law and Long Sampling Runs

    A lot of my graduate work was in the area of parallel computing so we spent a lot of time with Amdahl's law. Amdahl's law states that if you can speed up some fraction F of the program by some speedup S, the overall speedup of the program is: 1 / ...
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    Beta2 CLR Symbols Live!

    The symbols for several key CLR Beta2 Symbols are finally on the symbol server. Go forth and profile! If you had previously sampled some managed apps and were disappointed with the stacks, please give it another try. Unfortunately, the DLLs that had...
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    Offtopic: Memorial Day BBQ Grill Suggestion

    Total tangent here, but I just made a really great meal and I must blog about it. Side Dish: Roasted Grape Tomatoes Directions: 1) Grab a pint or so of grape tomatoes. They have them at Costco out here, but I've seen them in supermarkets. In a pinch...
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    UPDATE + APOLOGY! (Some) CLR Public Symbols still not on symbol server

    Sorry folks. I want to update this blog about this issue. We just made another symbol publication attempt to the symbol server of the CLR Symbols. We hope this one will go through. Just to sum up: The symbols distributed with the sdk for mscorwks, mscorlib...
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    Lesson on Intern Mentoring from the Gilmore Girls

    I took the MSFT "Intern Mentoring" training last week in preparation for the impending arrival of my very first intern. It was about 2 hours of concentrated goodness. An Intern Mentor here at MSFT is the person who "manages" an intern. We're in charge...
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