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  • Blog Post: Public Chat: This Wednesday

    Hey folks. We have a public chat scheduled for tomorrow. I just checked the schedule and we have a bunch of the devs, testers, PMs, who are responsible for the dev and test skus of Team System signed up to be on for tomorrow's chat. If you've never tried it before I think this would be a good time to...
  • Blog Post: Line Coverage

    The Code Coverage instrumentation in Visual Studio is based on binary instrumentation instead of source instrumentation. The binary built from your code is cracked open and probes are inserted in the basic block so we can track whether each block has been executed or not. The main benefit of binary instrumentation...
  • Blog Post: Block Statistics in Code Coverage

    In the code coverage analysis in VSTS, we provide two types of stats: block coverage and line coverage. I just wanted to clarify a few points. First, when we say block coverage, we are referring to basic blocks in the binary being tested, *not* in the source. A basic block is segment of machine code...
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