About 2 years ago my boss, Vic Gundotra, walked in my office and in a manner one might use to, say, borrow a spare power adapter told me that he'd volunteered me to be content owner for PDC'03. Given that the PDC has always been run out of his org, "assigned" is probably a better word than "volunteered", but Vic is a gracious guy and he used "volunteered". Anyway, it worked out OK, I think, and so I'm in for it again with PDC'05.

I run a team in the platform evangelism organization. "It's like Marketing, but it's not". Besides the PDC, we "evangelize" Whidbey and WinFX.

A few of us were sitting at lunch around a while ago and not for the first time I wondered aloud whether I should blog about the "how" of PDC'03... and, as before, no one dropped his/her plastic cutlery in dread but no one grabbed me by the shoulders and said "GREAT IDEA", either. And some of these folks were people on my team, who, you know, you might expect to maybe, suck up a bit. But I'm lucky to have a great team and one reason I love 'em is that they tell it like it is. Or sometimes they just don't say anything.

So, anyway, here it is: an occasional* blog about HOW we put together a PDC... and maybe a little WHY and maybe also a little WHAT (but my guess is that you'll hear a lot more about the WHAT as we get closer to the event, from the real stars: the program managers, devs, and testers on the product teams who actually build the stuff). But the HOW is something that I (and with any luck, others working on the event from the process side) would like to share as we sort through the parts bin and figure out what worked well last time (Panels? Track Lounges?), understand what didn't quite work as intended (Anyone remember PDC’03 "Resource Cards"? I bet Scoble and maybe a dozen other people do…), ponder new ideas, and in general do everything we can to ensure that the people who fork over substantial $$ and a week of their time find the experience as useful, educational, intense, enlightening, relevant, productive, "communicative" (i.e., sense of having participated in a Community) and fun as possible.

Thanks for listening - Steve Cellini

* Regarding the use of word "occasional": it does have a ring of plausible deniability to it, doesn't it? How does "once a week" sound, then?