This post isn't about the PDC. It's about the several open positions on my team: when we're not doing PDC'05 stuff we're evangelizing to developers about Whidbey, Longhorn, and WinFX.

Jeremy Mazner is looking for an IE Evangelist, and Longhorn Evangelists, when he isn't being Content Owner for PDC. Read through his several posts on these positions.

And, as you may know, Channel 9 joined the team recently under the capable hands of Jeff Sanquist. This was bittersweet for us, since the reason for the transition was that Lenn Pryor had announced that he was as leaving the company. Lenn (and Vic Gundotra) hired me into the Evangelism team nearly 3 years ago. Lenn taught me a lot about evangelism... it so happens that you need to know more than just the technology you're evangelizing. (Lenn, FYI: I'm now trying out your old company-issued Sony laptop :-)

At any rate, Jeff has opened up a Channel 9 Software Design Engineer position.