Listen to PDC BuzzCast #2, hosted by Michael Lehman, a technical evangelist on Jeff Sandquist's team. Michael is working up a great series of podcasts on the way to PDC05; they're in the new PDC area on Channel 9.

This time, Michael (who has a truly authenic radio voice, doesn't he?) interviewed Jeremy Mazner, PDC content owner. In this podcast, Jeremy paints some details on the process and adds his sense of why PDC is special and who should attend. I think he hits all the right points.

I was content owner for PDC03 so I can say with some authority that Jeremy is doing a great job "riding herd" over the track {advisors | owners | drivers} that he meets with every week for 4+ hours (this week it was 6 hours, over 3 meetings).

PDC is a unique "occurrence" where very senior and yet hands-on people in the product teams come together on a regular basis and subject their technologies, world-views, and developer perspectives to very intense scrutiny, analysis, discussion, and argument, with the goal of distilling the platform news into strategically-targeted overviews and deep-dives for people (architects, developers) who need to understand the future of the platform. It's not training, it's grokking the future.