I just posted a PDC05 Crossword Puzzle to the sandbox on Channel 9. Just seemed like something that had to be done. I'm sure that all of you out there won't find it much of a challenge :-)

Update: 6/18: fixed a small bug. New outline and .ZIP file.

There's a ZIP file there that contains the clues, in a .doc file, and a higher-fidelity version of the layout.

Here are the clues, in case you're wondering if it would be worth your time :-)



1.         One of the PDC05 Tracks.

6.         First name of a really "sharp" .NET wizard

8.         National park and a new great version of a great database system

9.         Last name of a guy who’s been known to take a bath on stage

10.        That other great Microsoft conference where you can go deep on today's technology

11.        First name of one of the guys who coded up a storm with Jim Allchin at PDC03

12.        This person kicked off PDC03

14.        A unified model for components, text, graphics, video

15.        Longest island in the continental US and next version of killer developer tools

19.        Tags that hold the 411 for Microsoft employees that are so large you can’t miss them

21.        Host of the .NET Show

22.        Try the code yourself

24.        The next version of this system offers a new XML-based document format

28.        Last name of Microsoft Group VP who keynotes and plays a mean guitar

29.        Wrote a reference book on the .NET Framework Standard Library with Anders

31.        The two words that were on the front cover of the PDC03 Bits Disc package.

32.        First name of an ASP.NET wizard

33.        PDC05 Content Owner

34.        It's not Windows SP3




2.         PDC05 is *-powered

3.         Number of the channel where you can join the conversation

4.         Ask questions of Microsoft experts in this evening event

5.         The last word of the tagline from the last PDC

7.         It's what was in the air at PDC03

11.        Acronym for the engine in the .NET Framework

13.        PDC05 Community Owner

16.        Unified programming model for building connected systems

17.        A blogger's blogger

18.        Rhymes with Camel, a way to build UI in Avalon

20.        It's what happens when people join the conversation

23.        Number of PDC05 Tracks

25.        Location for PDC03 and PDC01

26.        Last name of a blogger who thought that PDC05 had been canceled

27.        346k sq-ft nucleus of PDC05

30.        Few, if any, attendees to these sessions like worms

I'll provide the answers on request (after you register for PDC05) (Just kidding!!!)