A feeble attempt to close a long gap in posts... with some "easy" news: In case anyone didn't know... PDC05 started yesterday with a bang :-)

You can follow the blogosphere buzz at PDC Bloggers 2005, on http://pdcbloggers.net. We'll also be posting new content to Channel 9 every day. RSS feeds (which are consumed by a really cool Vista-based RSS app which is driving the house monitors here at the event) are available on the PDC info site, http://commnet.microsoftpdc.com. Lots of attendees are posting lots of pictures of the event (244 as of this post) and things vaguely related to the event, here.

The PDC05 team is exhausted, ecstatic, elated, and in awe of the community, all at once. So if you run into one of us, that would explain the confused but happy looks on our faces.

THANK YOU to everyone who's here in LA at PDC05 and to the community at large for supporting this event. And THANKS to the best event team in the business...