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  • Blog Post: Simple WCF netMsmq Example (or Step 1 to stop reinventing yet another MSMQ clone)

    It's pretty obvious that MSMQ is a bit of a dark art out there. People know it exists, everyone knows someone somewhere that knows a guy who once did something with it, and like practitioners of esoteric arts, the technology is looked upon with distrust. In fact to the point that I see team after team...
  • Blog Post: Yes, you CAN use "firm" XAML Services in AppFabric

    First of all, I don't actually have a better term for tradtional use of XAML compiled as part of an assembly (BAML format) other than to coin the term "firm" XAML in response to the now common term, "loose xaml" (.xamlx files). If you have a better term, come tell me, OK? So the purpose of this post...
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