I'm a software development (or design, depending on which database you query) lead in MacBU. I'm currently leading one of our 'core' developement teams, which affords me the opportunity to dabble in lots of areas across all of Mac Office. I've been with the MacBU since it was formed in early 1997, coming to it from the WinExcel team. Actually, I'd only been at Microsoft for a few months before the MacBU was formed, but I'd been a Mac-head for many years before that. Anyone ever play 'MacGrid' or use 'UseNedit'? (ok, horrible names, I know, but I was in college. What can I say?!) I worked on Mac Excel for Office 98 and 2001, then moved to core development for Office X. After we shipped Office X, I became a lead in MacBU, first driving the team that released Remote Desktop Connection, and then moved back to Office 2004, where my team owned features across the product line. In addition to feature development work, I drive the localization effort from the dev side, which involves coordinating work with teams in Ireland and Japan. I live in Seattle, a wonderfully painful commute across the 520 bridge, with my wife, 2 cats, 1 dog, and our 4-month-old son. (It seems the MacBU has been on a baby boom lately...!)