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  • Blog Post: Creating Wildcard Certificates with makecert.exe

    Be nice to be able to make wildcard certificates for use in development with makecert – turns out, it’s real easy.  Just ensure that your CN=  is the wildcard string to use. The following sequence generates a CA cert, then the public/private key pair for a wildcard certificate REM make the...
  • Blog Post: Certificate management for developers

    There’s no doubt that certificate management, when you haven’t futzed with it for some time, is a fun time… Raffaele Rialdi has the start of what looks like a promising tool to help manage the process of managing and deploying certificates for services (WCF) and a bunch of other tasks. http://www.iamraf...
  • Blog Post: Making Web Client requests behave from .NET or in reality misbehave – ignoring Certificate Issues from HttpWebRequest

    Many times, especially during development, you could have certificates that are out of date, aren’t singed by any real authority (makecert, etc.), or even don’t match the host name that the request is issued against, but you want to test, etc. One example is if you want to run Fiddler to get a good over...
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