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December, 2007

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About Scott Hunter

I'm a Principal Program Manager Lead on the ASP.NET team at Microsoft. I focus on all aspects of ASP.NET but have worked extensively in a couple of areas: Data, Dynamic Data, Web Pages (aka Plan 9) and Web Forms.




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  • Scott Hunter

    Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview Released

    Today we released the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview which contains lots of the new things the ASP.NET team is working on. Here is a brief list of items: - Dynamic Data: This is extensions to existing Data Controls allows them to generate much more code...
  • Scott Hunter

    Breakdown of Dynamic Data Features

    I thought I would write a post that describes all of the things that Dynamic Data provides to developers. Dynamic Data provides a scaffolding mechanism through templates but scaffolding is just a MINOR subset of the feature set we provide. I’m not...
  • Scott Hunter

    My New Blog

    My family and I just recently have relocated up to the Redmond area from Southern California after I took a job as a Senior Program Manager on the ASP.NET team. After 20 years of almost no weather (Southern California) it has been quite different in Redmond...
  • Scott Hunter

    Custom Metadata Providers in Dynamic Data

    Marcin Dobosz is a member of Dynamic Data team in ASP.NET. He has written a great post on metadata in Dynamic Data. One of the features of Dynamic Data is instead of making the developer make the same decision on each page that uses a control to instead...
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