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April, 2008

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About Scott Hunter

I'm a Principal Program Manager Lead on the ASP.NET team at Microsoft. I focus on all aspects of ASP.NET but have worked extensively in a couple of areas: Data, Dynamic Data, Web Pages (aka Plan 9) and Web Forms.




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  • Scott Hunter

    Sample for Displaying Images Updated + Screencast

    We've recently started getting newer builds of Dynamic Data out to the private testers and soon to more public testers. As a result I've got an updated version of my image controls that I posted on my blog in January. As well I've recorded a screen cast...
  • Scott Hunter

    New Refresh of Dynamic Data Runtime and Tools is Posted

    Tonight we posted a new release of the Dynamic Data Runtime and Tool on the Code Gallery website. You can grab the new release by clicking here: . We have also updated...
  • Scott Hunter

    Telerik has released some sample field template controls for Dynamic Data

    One of the very cool extensibility points of Dynamic Data is our field template mechanism. In the existing data controls like GridView and DetailsView when the controls render a column they use some build in classes like BoundField, CheckBoxField, etc...
  • Scott Hunter

    Podcast with Scott Hanselman on Dynamic Data

    I was able to sit down with Scott Hanselman last week after giving a Dynamic Data talk to the Microsoft MVP's and record a podcast about Dynamic Data. Here is a link to the podcast, enjoy:
  • Scott Hunter

    New Public Preview of Dynamic Data is Now Available

    Today we released a new public release of Dynamic Data on the MSDN code gallery site. You can download the new version at: . These releases are cutting edge releases and not as refined as a CTP but this is a...
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