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July, 2008

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About Scott Hunter

I'm a Principal Program Manager Lead on the ASP.NET team at Microsoft. I focus on all aspects of ASP.NET but have worked extensively in a couple of areas: Data, Dynamic Data, Web Pages (aka Plan 9) and Web Forms.




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  • Scott Hunter

    Many Updates on Dynamic Data

    This week at Redmond we have the ASP.NET Insiders up here where we show them a bunch of the new stuff we are working on. I'm happy to announce that we have many new update for Dynamic Data that are available today: 1) Dynamic Data Runtime and Dynamic...
  • Scott Hunter

    Interview with Craig Shoemaker Posted

    Last week I had a great chat with Craig Shoemaker on Dynamic Data. We talked about using Dynamic Data in existing applications, some about our new Futures release and some about upcoming work on having an MVC version of Dynamic Data. You can check out...
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