Peter Provost has started a grass roots movement (aka petition) here to include Unit Testing in all the versions of Visual Studio.
Now seeing that I am an Microsoft Employee, I feel I must put in my 2 cents to defend the position of only including this in Visual Studio Team System.  Programming is hard, I don’t think anyone disagrees.  Unit Testing is one way to increase code confidence and reduce bugs.  There are many other practices to help us (developers) make our code / products better.  This is the goal of Team System: integrate these practices (Unit Testing, Stress Testing, Static Analysis, Work flow, Source Control, Code Coverage) so we can me more productive and better developers.  So if all you want is Unit Testing is it because that is all you are doing? I doubt it.  The integration is what makes Team System the price of admission.

I also am listing a pointer to Jason Anderson’s post that I think matches what I am saying.