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  • Blog Post: My New Home - CodePlex

    For the last nine months I have been working in a group working on a project doing WinFX (.NET 3.0) with CAB. (No, the reports are wrong, I was not living under a rock). I can definitely say that it has been fun working with XAML. Turning a ListBox into a totally new thing with a few lines of code is...
  • Blog Post: Architecture Testing Guide Released

    The patterns & practices Architecture Testing Guide is designed to help project stakeholders, software designers, developers, and testers understand the process of testing software architecture before the code is implemented. The paper describes an approach and methodology for testing the design...
  • Blog Post: VB6 Upgrade Guide

    Another one from patterns & practices ! Eugenio Pace can tell you all about the VB6 to VB.NET upgrade guide . If you need a painless way to get yourself to .NET, this is for you! Now playing: Rusted Root - Drum Trip
  • Blog Post: NUnit Converter V0.5

    NUnit convert V0.5 is out. We have been using it heavily to convert our tests to VSTS (which rocks!). BTW, don’t be scared we are going to try and ship the NUnit tests for EntLib, but they will be skewed for VSTS . Go get V0.5 here . Big thanks to Jim! Now playing: Rage Against the Machine...
  • Blog Post: WS-I Basic Security Profile Sample Application Preview

    Go get it today… WS-I Basic Security Profile Sample Application Preview One of the most requested deliverables we have heard since Enterprise Library has been released, is an end-to-end sample that shows the blocks in action. The great news is that we now have this, in the form of the WS...
  • Blog Post: Composite UI Application Block Training

    The Composite UI Application Block is a cool new Application Block coming in the Whidbey time frame. We are now sitting in the war room with the guys because we want to keep the consistency and quality high for you guys by making sure things work together and that the teams learn from each other. Eugenio...
  • Blog Post: A How-to for Geeks with Kids

    Gary has a hilarious post about is life as a geek with kids. I know this all to well. Now playing: Dirty Vegas - Lost Not Found
  • Blog Post: Application Blocks on .NET Compact Framework

    Straight from Sandy : For any of you patterns & practices fans that have always wanted application blocks for devices, the p&p team worked with OpenNETCF to release a community version for the .NET Compact Framework. For the blocks, you can go to: http://wow.opennetcf.Borg/appblocks/ and...
  • Blog Post: First Community drop of the Composite UI Application Block

    Congrats to the team for this Milestone. Go to the workspace and check out the Smart Client offerings. Major cool.
  • Blog Post: Wojtek is Blogging!

    You don’t know Wojtek? Go read his blog . This guy is super smart (and quite amusing ). Now playing: Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands)
  • Blog Post: Packaging Design and Architecture Guidance for Visual Studio

    Now that I have your attention … Tom is going to be giving a new webcast on a new “deliverable” from our group. I highly recommend you go check it out. Sign up for the webcast here . Now playing: Queens of the Stone Age - Gonna Leave You
  • Blog Post: Little Know Component Model Gotcha with IDictionaryService

    I don’t know how many people in the world this gotcha will affect but I found it very interesting after a conversation with one of the devs internally so I thought I would share the information with those of you out there in the wild. When you host your own components in a designer or IServiceContainer...
  • Blog Post: API Studies

    Last night I went and heard a talk from Steven Clarke on API usability. I always heard knew about this, but after hearing Steven talk last night, man I am starting to get my head around how different developers approach an API. Now if there was one take away from this talk that really hit home with me...
  • Blog Post: What do we do here?

    Sandy , a fellow Titans fan, has a great post about what we do here at patterns and practices (although a little long winded ) .
  • Blog Post: How to Scroll in a Command Window

    As Brian Button pointed out earlier, I am keyboard junkie. I found myself today needing to scroll through my console window after running some unit tests that had failed. Now my first thought would be page up / page down... nope didn't work. Confused, I started google'n around to find the answer. I was...
  • Blog Post: Generics

    This morning I read a post about the .NET design guidelines and I am upset about the last line of this guideline. We are now going to have people choosing generics over polymorphism to solve a problem. If I expect an ISession for the paramter of my method, class etc, why would that become a generic?...
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