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  • Blog Post: Unity Lives! Get your copy today.

    Awesome work by the entire team! You can get it from MSDN here or from CodePlex . Please discuss and provide feedback so we can make this even better. Objects of the code Unite! [I know, corny]. Also: I have built an extension to Unity that i will be blogging about over the weekend. This is an extension...
  • Blog Post: Unity available on CodePlex

    The team has done some great work to get this ready. Please provide us feedback and track any issues. I want to congratulate the team on their effort! Get the bits and read about Unity here . Technorati Tags: patterns & practices , Unity
  • Blog Post: Enterprise Library 4: Now with more Peace Love and Rock n' Roll

    At the p&p Summit in November here in Redmond I gave a talk called "EntLib Refactored". This talk was started by my work done on the EntLib contrib project under the same name. What I wanted to do was make Enterprise Library smaller, simpler and easier to consume. My first attempt was to rewrite...
  • Blog Post: Unity and Enterprise Library 4 Team

    I am back on the team (and no I am not writing configuration again). Borrowed pic from Grigori's original post. Technorati Tags: Enterprise Library , patterns & practices , Unity
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