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June, 2005

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    What is an SDET?

    You might be wondering what exactly an "SDET" is. Microsoft has a few core "disciplines" who participate in software development: Program Managers (PMs), Software Design Engineers (SDEs, or Devs), and Software Design Engineers in Test (SDETs, or Testers...
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    Regex Builder

    One thing I'd better post about is a tool I've written and posted on the Internet, Regex Builder. You can find it on a GotDotNet workspace . In my own work (testing my parts of Visual Studio) I frequently work with strings, and I've discovered that Regular...
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    Who am I?

    My name is Scott Louvau, and I'm an SDET on the Visual Web Developer team at Microsoft. I'm blogging to talk about my work and my product, and about some aspects of my personal life as well. I'm interested in connecting with my peers and my customers...
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