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July, 2004

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    Some Responses to Debugging Requests

    Philip Schlump posted the below requests in response to Eric's post soliciting feedback on “Future language features & scenarios.“ I thought I'd respond here. 1) Q: A debugging runtime that allows un-running of code. At each instruction...
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    VS 2005 and its Console Toolwindow

    [Update: this feature was cut in the final version of Visual Studio. It's a great idea we may revisit in the future, but our implementation for VS2005 was bad. It caused hangs for some of our users and very confusing error messages for many others .]...
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    Managed Minidumps and Visual Studio 2003

    [information on minidumps and Visual Studio ; courtesy of the very knowledgeable Andy Pennell , our former dev lead] [information on windbg ] [information on symbol server ] [ how to use a symbol server with visual studio ] This is an unfortunate topic...
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    Heisenberg and Debugging

    I'm sure you've all seen it before: your program works fine under the debugger, but blows up as soon as you're not attached. This can be caused by any number of things. If you're writing native code, the main cause is the way data initialized in debug...
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    Chat Rescheduled: Thurs, July 22nd -The C# Team at TechEd

    This chat was prevously mentioned and planned, but had to be cancelled. It's back - the official listing is here: This time it will happen, really. :0)
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    Demos: TechEd 2004 DEV354 (Visual Studio 2005 Debugging Enhancements)

    I've put my DEV354 demos online here . Browse through the source files and the comments will take you on a tour of new Debugging functionality coming in VS 2005 (beta1 or newer recommended).
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