April, 2004

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    Configuration Backgrounder

    disclaimer This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. In my last blog entry, I got a couple of requests for getting “strongly typed” accessors for config. Since the blog format lets me take a meandering...
  • Scott Seely's WebLog

    Configuration is a breeze.

    In the current Visual Studio .NET 2005, you’re going to find that a great thing has happened to configuration. Basically, the mechanism for creating, editing, and parsing configuration sections just got really easy. If this particular item snags...
  • Scott Seely's WebLog

    April 1 WebService proposals

    I was just going through last night's lower priority e-mail and saw the following from the DevelopMentor SOAP mailing list. In the tradition of the April 1 RFCs, here are some for Web Services (and if someone could post a link to the April 1, 2004 prank...
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