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March, 2004

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Welcome to my Blog.  This blog is primarily for talking about the overall plans we have for the Windows Live developer platform.  This blog is not a tech support place for the various Windows Live APIs.  That stuff is best left to the blogs run by the various product teams in Windows Live.

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    The pictures are fixed...

    Thanks to Josh Ledgard, expert blogger, the pictures in my Help Toolbar post are now working properly. You no longer have to join the MSN community group where the pictures are located. Please take a look at the full screenshot of Whidbey Help and send...
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    How do I view the Help pictures?

    In order to make the screenshots available on the web, I created an MSN Community group and placed the images there. Thinking that by making the group open, everyone could access the images, I linked them to my blog page. It turns out I was wrong. Even...
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    What should the Help toolbar look like?

    I'm in the process of designing, or should I say redesigning, the Help toolbar for Whidbey. In previous versions of Visual Studio, the Web toolbar was the Help toolbar. In Whidbey, we have a redesigned Help system with lots of new functionality. I think...
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    Screen Resolution?

    Over the past few days, several people on the VS Core team have gotten into a discussion regarding typical screen resolutions that people use when running Visual Studio. Its been about 18 months since the last formal customer survey was done. In that...
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    Welcome to my Blog

    Hello, my name is Scott Swanson. I'm the Program Manager on the Visual Studio Core team who owns the Help experience. I work with Tim Sullivan , Saurabh Jain , Josh Ledgard and many other developers, writers and QA people to create the Visual Studio Help...
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