Wow, last week was a busy week!  I spent the beginning of the week attending much of the annual MVP Summit.  And Thursday and Friday catching up from the beginning of the week.  It was great to talk to so many MVPs from around the world and get their feedback on the Whidbey product.  Several people sent me email asking when I'd be responding to posts on my Blog.  Sorry for taking so long to do this.  I haven't forgotten about you all. 

After two weeks of responses to the question of screen resolution, I have collected and summarized the results in this article.

In summary:

  • 147 people posted responses about 247 monitor configurations.
  • That averages out to approximately 1.7 monitors per person.

The most common resolutions were: 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1024x768.

The most common monitor sizes were: 19”, 17”, 15”.

The next question is:

Multiple Monitors (a.k.a multi-mon).  Are you using multiple monitors on the same machine?

A big Thank You to everyone who posts feedback!  It's great to hear how people are using Visual Studio.