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May, 2004

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Welcome to my Blog.  This blog is primarily for talking about the overall plans we have for the Windows Live developer platform.  This blog is not a tech support place for the various Windows Live APIs.  That stuff is best left to the blogs run by the various product teams in Windows Live.

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    TechEd 2004 in San Diego

    I arrived in San Diego this afternoon for TechEd 2004. Today was the conference start. The main conference gets under way tomorrow; Monday May 24th and runs until Friday May 28. Many members of the Visual Studio Core Help and Community teams are here...
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    How much Help content should Visual Studio install by default?

    In Visual Studio Whidbey, the Help system will have the ability to perform a “scoped” install. Scoped install only installs content that is optimized for particular user types; Visual Basic developer, VC++ Developer, etc. Scoped install has...
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