The competition winners were announced (a little early but oh well) today on  The BizTalk Server team would like to congratulate the winners for their efforts and recognize the many excellent entries submitted for the competition.  Frankly it was a close call when the judging criteria was applied across the set of entries and many entries that didn't win are of excellent quailty.  We are still in the process of getting all the gotdotnet url's but for the current list is below:

Prize Winners:
1. Paul Somers
BizTalk Server 2004 Administration Tool
2. Jesus Rodríguez
UDDI Publishing Wizard for BizTalk Server 2004
3. Scott Colestock
BizTalk Server 2004 Nant deployment
4. Pallavi Narayanaswamy
Tibco Adapter
5. Darrin Webber
Scheduled Orchestration execution
File: ScheduledOrchestrationExecution[@ResourceId='163B20C8-D5B9-4795-B1B9-8A775A1A7359']

Additional Entries:
A) Guenole de Cadoudal
Design patterns to call external services from orchestrations.
B) Nutan C.
Illustrating VRML and BizTalk Server 2004[@ResourceId='CE279DCE-8E1D-45B6-B216-999CF15DE8C7']
C) Bill Chesnut
BizTaLk Server 2004 POP3 Adapter
D) Christof Classens
Transactional .NET Adapter
E) Pierre Delahaye
ASP.NET and BizTalk Server Sample'3BB6EE86-ED96-4DDC-8E7B-6792FF66BC9E'%5d
F) Marco Ensing
Vocabulary Upgrader for the Rules Engine
G) Brian Loesgen
BizTalk Server 2004 Scheduling Service
H) Duncan Millard
Orchestration Dependency Checking for Nant Build[@ResourceId='B7256718-2908-4444-AE4E-6EDBF74C9EC7']
I) Matt Milner
Delimited File Schema Generator'B191423E-5DB7-45AA-BF8C-3A38569CFAFE'%5d
J) Arthur & Vladimir Nesterovsky
Sample illustrating Cobol CopyBook and MQSeries
K) Valery Pryamikov
BizTalk Server Tutorial'50FBEA11-4A23-46E2-BEA8-CB05D38B7D50'%5d
L) Alan Smith
Message Processing Patterns
M) Stephen W. Thomas
Application Pool Sample
N) Mike Webber
SQL Server Blob Adapter'189360ED-B216-45D2-B11A-B42828A3697D'%5d@ResourceId='163B20C8-D5B9-4795-B1B9-8A775A1A7359']

Thank you for all your EXCELLENT entries.